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The Sound Art Gallery: North of the North




June 2006 Ivar Grydeland and the two French sound artists Xavier Charles and Marc Pichelin mapped soundscapes in the Troms county. The sounds of activity on a fishing boat packing of dried cod herds of rein deer and arctic birds form the basis for a record to be released by SOFA in February 2007.

Xavier Charles – clarinet and vibrating surfaces
Marc Pichelin – soundscapes and electronics
Ivar Grydeland – prepared banjo

At the Sound Art Gallery in Bergen several installations and a concert combines field recordings acoustic instruments and electronic sound.

Sunday February 4:

Installations opens at 19 concert starting 20

Monday 5 – Tuesday 6
Installations open 14-19

The Sound Art Gallery
Ă˜stre Skostredet 3 Bergen (NO)

In collaboration with Ny Musikk Bergen. Supported by The Municipality of Bergen and The Norwegian Art Council


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