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And while I am in geek mode. This is a very good reason for embedding Csound in Max (or learn Csound for that sake):





Øyvind Brandsegg has committed a new opcode named “Partikkel” to the Csound CVS. Partikkel was implemented by Torgeir Strand Henriksen and Thom Johansen at NTNU according to design specifications by Øyvind. Øyvind is currently a research fellow in Trondheim focusing on the use of live electronic processing and compositional strategies in improvisation. The design of Partikkel is inspired by Curtis Roads book Microsound and it is my impression that more or less everyidea proposed in the book is implemented as part of this opcode. Below is a list of feature highlights:

Since this is a pretty complex opcode he has made two GUI applications
for partikkel to get us all started.

Fabulous work Øyvind!


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