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Blog posts migrated from old server


I have just completed porting all blog posts over from the old Zope-based server. I started blogging shortly after entering the The National Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowships Programme in the fall 2003. A whopping 800-something blog-posts where stranded when I revamped my web site some months ago, and now, finally, they have made it over here.

Some bits and bits have have drowned in the eternal ocean of bits and bytes, notably a number of comma signs (,). I ended up using Max(!) to transform the text file exported from Zope into something that could be imported into Rails, and along the way forgot that certain characters have reserved meanings in Max. By the time I realised, I had already spent way to much time further reconditioning the data to want to step back. If you see something else that needs urgent attention, please let me know.


Here’s a screen shot of the patch used:



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