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Jitter vs. FTM


When Jitter was first released, I thought that it might be an attractive tool not only for processing of video, but also for advanced data processing, going beyond the list magic made possible by Peter Elsea’s eminent Lobjects.

Yesterday and today I have spent quite a bit of work on this, with limited success. I am currently working on a patch using cv.jit for video tracking. As the tracking data already was prepared as jitter matrixes, it made sense to try to stay in Jitter for further development.

Here are two examples of the kind of problems I have been struggling with:

Eventually I just gave up and decided trying to use FTM instead. That turned out to be way easier.

The only downside is that the module will then not make it into the main Jamoma distro in the near future, unless I can convince the rest of the developers that we should permit FTM dependencies.


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