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Testing Aalto COMPASS ambisonics decoder


There has been quite a bit of development of higher-order ambisonics plugins in recent years. Today I have been testing the latest version of the COMPASS recorder that comes as part of the SPARTA plugins fro Aalto University. SPARTA is short for Coding and Multidirectional Parameterisation of Ambisonic Sound Scenes, a somewhat similar approach to the Harpex plugin.

Below is a binaural rendition of some tests I have done today.

I have a mono source (Butterfly by Grieg) encoded using Blue Ripple the Shoebox. Thjis encodes with distance clues and early reflextions emulations within a shoebox space. In addition I am using the BlueRipple Reverb, but with early reflextions disabled (as they are already taken care opf by Shoebox).

Decoding is done using COMPASS. I have set it up to work with 16 speakers according to the setup at my studio, and here I’m doing a virtual binaural endition of what it sounds like over those 16 speakers.

Please listen using headphones. I am continuously moving the sourcve around within the shoebox space as can e seen in the purple plugin interface at bottom left.

The Atmospherics at Entrée



Trond Lossius & Jeremy Welsh
The Atmospherics – River deep, mountain high
Entrée Gallery, Bergen-

February 7 – 17 2019
Thursday – Sunday
open: 5 – 8.30pm (loop)

The Atmospherics is one of the ongoing collaborative projects of Trond Lossius and Jeremy Welsh. Through field recordings they capture unique qualities from different natural landscapes and urban areas. The recorded audio and video material is then filtered, edited, modified and mixed to highlight some characters or to mute others. The intention is not to document the sites, but rather to build a database of audiovisual material that is combined in different ways in their installations, where each assembly becomes a “temporary place”, constructed of impulses from different geographical areas.

Since 2014, the project has moved from Bergen, Trondheim, Arendal, Førde, Utne and Campania, Italy, where it has been presented in various installations with multi-screen video and multi-channel audio. The new video adapted to the cinema format, which premieres at Entrée, summarizes this entire project, and combines material from all the different phases and parts of the country.


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