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Archive for May 2011

Prototyping code in Max using Java



If you ever want to learn to write externals for Max, I would recommend starting out by learning to write Java classes for the mxj object. It’s a good way of learning what needs to be in the code for the external while avoiding the more nitty gritty details of C coding.

mxj and Java is truly great for prototyping code and externals. The screenshot above is of a patch and class I made yesterday as prototype/proof of concept code for Espen Sommer Eide to solve a particular task in an iPad app that he is currently developing.

The Fluxus Reader available for download



The Fluxus Reader has been out of print for many years now. In the run-up to 2012, a free digital edition available has been made available.

The book is an open access edition, configured for full search and accessible for copy and paste for scholars or students who wish to quote from the book. All details and pages are identical with the print edition. The PDF files are set to print out on a full-page format for easy reading.

In Ken Friedman’s contract with the publisher, he kept the copyright of the book as editor. In making the digital edition of the Fluxus Reader available, he has granted full permission for use in any format or medium.


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