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tl.objects uploaded


The tl.objects are now uploaded to my website. I’ve spent most of last week doing a major overhawl to the help files and checking that the objects work as supposed to. Along the way I’ve tracked down a number of bugs tl.chebyshev not normalizing as supposed to being the hardest one. Jasch has been incredible helpful. Still I’m looking forward to get hold of a compiler for OSX so I don’t have to mail him code for compiling anymore it’s an awkward way of working.

One of the abstractions tl.spectrum~ has been completely rewritten and all calculations are now done using Jitter. That was interesting doing. It’s the first time I’ve had the time to investigating how to use Jitter for handling advanced multi-dimensional control data. There’s no doubt that a lot of list treatment can be ported to jitter and the techniques further expanded. I also added the possibility of viewing real-time sonograms.

tl.objects are mainly focusing on a number of math functions and audio processing tools for synthesis purposes. The OSX port will come in handy as I develop material for a collaboration with Jeremy Welsh.

Debate on "Kulturmeldingen"


The left wing party SV is hosting a debate on Kulturmeldingen" (the Gouvernment Cultural Strategic Plan towards 2014) Saturday Jan 10th.

Project presentation


Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation to staff and students at KHIB of my project for the Research Fellowships in the Arts.

Rereading the project description and the presentation I did during a two day gathering in October is interesting. I’m going to do a number of collaborations with other artists. For each of the projects I sketched a working process as follows:

  • Technical and theoretical research
  • Sketching concepts and establish dialog between collaborating artists
  • Further development of concepts. Development of material
  • Public displays
  • Further development and displays

So far this is a pretty good description of what I’ve been doing. The two first
months of the fellowship period has mainly been used for technical research.
I’ve moved to OSX and got to terms with Max OSX. My own Max externals are now
ported to OSX. I’ve also spent some time on Jade
by Tim Place. Jade seems promising as a shell for scripting large scale structures and time based events
in Max patches for performances and installations.

Verdensteatret has started development of the next production. I’ve started
developing material for a collaboration with Jeremy Welsh and also spent some
time with Jana Winderen and Jørgen Træen on an installation for
kids to be premiered early March. Tomorrow Kurt
arrives in Bergen and we’re going to spend the rest of the week
working on a joint video and sound installation.

Troika Ranch/OSX OMS Emulator


Mark Coniglio of the “media intensive dance theater group” Troika Ranch annonced at 0xFF that TroicaTronix is seeking beta-testers for an OMS Emulator that runs under OS X. This allows legacy MIDI applications that only run in Classic to successfully communicate with MIDI devices using OS X’s CoreMidi technology.

He also posted a link to an article about Troika Ranch in the March Apple Hot News. Troika Ranch looks interesting and relevant as compared to e.g. what Verdensteatret is doing as well as the Hacker and Cracker projects I’ve been doing with dancer Gitte Bastiansen recorder player Frode Thorsen and video Artist Gisle Frøysland.

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The number of entries to the blog at times seemes to be in inverse proportion to how much I’m actually getting done.


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