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Happy New Ambisonic Toolkit Website



For close to four months we have experienced database problems with the previous CMS, leading to frequent error messages when accessing the web site. In the end we concluded that we might just as well make a fresh start.

The new website has been set up using Jekyll and Bootstrap.

There are probably still a few wrinkles to iron out, and we’d like to develop the tutorials further, but as a start the downloads are finally available again. If you notice any issues with this site, please add an issue at GitHub in order to let us know.

Without phone for the next week



My cell phone is off for repair, and I’ll be without phone for the next week or so. Please contact me on mail instead. Thanks!

Update: Phone is back, now time travelling back to 21st century.

Happy New Jamoma Web Site



Over the past 1 1/2 months I have been quietly working on a total revamp of the Jamoma web site. All of the developers have felt a need for a restructuring, in particular following the release of Jamoma 1.0 past fall.

The new web site has a new design, and it uses Bootstrap so that it works well on mobile devices as well. Additionally the structure of the site has been reorganised, making it easier to find info on the various implementations of Jamoma, tutorials and downloads. Today Stian Remvik helped doing a review of the design, and half an hour ago the new version went online.

Tutorials are still missing, but the plan is to add a series of screencasts over the coming weeks.

Hopefully this will help making Jamoma more accessible.

Field-recording at Harastølen in Luster

















Radio streaming at World Tuberculosis Day, and field trip to Luster



In a few minutes I am off to Luster in Sogn & Fjordane for a 3-day field recording trip.

Thursday coming week I’ll be performing as part of the online radio stream ToBeContinued…, organised by Stazione di Topolò and Global Health Incubator on the World Tuberculosis Day. My performance will be 1430-1500 CET. A few hours earlier Stephan Meidell will be performing, both of us from BEK.

My plan is to do a series of field recordings at Harastølen, a former institution for treatment of tuberculosis in Norway. I am also planning to work on the recordings on site, preparing my material for the performance as far as possible.

Furter information about the net radio broadcast will be available here:


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