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Re: place and Sandnes exhibitions

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2012-2013 I was engaged at Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHIB) leading the art research project Re: place. The project was an investigation of (relationships between) place, time and memory as manifested in artistic works exploring image, sound, text – or combinations of these. The main artistic outcome of the project was a pair of exhibitions at KINOKINO Centre for Art and Film and Sandnes kunstforening in the fall 2013.

The derivative (touching the curve, sensing the change)



A temporary sound installation at the Hökarängen metro station in Stockholm, using 14 public address loudspeakers mounted evenly along the platform.

The work was part of Augmented spatiality, a public art project for the suburb of Hökarängen in Stockholm in which the artworks, performances and other comprised events were integrated into the social and spatial processes taking place in the public sphere. Augmented spatiality was curated by María Andueza.




“Lontano” is an installation / event taking place in an anechoic chamber. It addresses the anechoic chamber as a site of research within several fields of relevance to my own practise, and also brings awareness to issues of spatial hearing, the rich soundscapes that surrounds us, and how we are situated and immersed in the world through sound.

It does so by inviting four persons at a time into the chamber for a shared session listening to surround sound field recordings.

Vanishing point



- Rieman discovered a point of infinity, an ultima Thule in a world of complex numbers.

Pieces of bits while disassembling (for IKEA)



This was a temporary and site-specific installation of sound, light, video and objects by Trond Lossius and Anna Wignell. The project was installed at the old IKEA store in Åsane, Bergen, as part of a one-day five-hours happening produced by the Borealis festival the last day before IKEA moved to new premises.


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