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Works for stage

by Carte Blanche

Works for stage


by carte blanche is a performance created by the whole company. By removing the choreographer, the ensemble challenges the practice and tradition of the contemporary dance performance and open up for new interpretations of both concept and aesthetics.


Works for stage


The theater play Londinium by Demian Vitanza is produced and directed by Sandsund & Lie. The play is published by Aschehoug, and premiered at Black Box, Oslo, September 2012.

Urmakarens Hjarte

Works for stage


The theatre production Urmakarens hjarte (The Heart of the Watchmaker) is an adventurous thriller for youngsters inspired by Norwegian folk mythology and modern fantasy literature. It is based on a script by Miriam Prestøy Lie, and directed by Torkil Sandsund.

Urmakarens Hjarte will be touring Western Norway and Oslo in the spring of 2012.

Floating Characters (2007)

Works for stage


FLOATING CHARACTERS, directed by Karen Kipphoff, explores the borders of screen, digital media and live art during performances utilizing puppets, objects, actors, text, audio and visual media.

It is inspired by Bunraku theatre, video games, slapstick, panoramic experiences and the text “A Certain Number of Conversations” by Alexander Vvedenskij.

Verdensteatret: Concert for Greenland (2004-05)

Works for stage


CONCERT FOR GREENLAND is an audio-visual composition where rusty machinery meets new technology on the backside of a “video-shadow-theatre” in Greenland, a performance/installation where visual art, sound, video, installation, text and theatre unite.

Verdensteatret received 2005-2006 New York Dance and Performance Awards (A.K.A. The Bessies), Installation & New Media category for “Concert for Greenland” at P.S. 122.


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