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Artistic works and projects

Verdensteateret: Régla-rommet (2000)



An installation based on scenography, sound material, video and music from the Verdensteatret production “Regla”.

/55\ - så jævla sanntid (2000)

Other projects


This was a one week workshop investigating the creative potential of real time video control and manipulation using Max and Nato.0+55+3d software.

HotWired Live Art (Worklab) (2000)

Other projects


In 2000 I participated in the HotWired workshop/performance/event hosted by Motherboard and BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Art.

Texture III (1998-99)

Installations . Music


Sound installation. The work has never been presented in public.

Texture I (1988)

Installations . Music


Texture I was the first sound installation I made. The idea was to have it present inside one of the buildings at Kolmanskoppe, an abandoned mining town in the Namib dessert.


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