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Artistic works and projects

The Atmospherics IV: And Sometimes The Light Hurts Our Eyes



Installation by Trond Lossius and Jeremy Welsh at Heimdal Kunstforening, Trondheim.

2 HD video projections and 8 channels of sound. Material recorded late summer 2015 on the islands of Munkholmen and Tautra in the Trondheim Fjord.

Multi Concert at Lydgalleriet, Østre



Listening understood as inhabiting (2015) was presented as a spatial electroacoustic composition at a Multi concert at Lydgalleriet. The composition traverse possible sonic worlds and places, and is based on material from a series of recent field recordings and installations.

Concert at RAM Galleri



Concert at RAM Gallery in Oslo, featuring Trond Lossius and Ricardo del Pozo & Kjetil Austvoll-Dahlgren. I presented an eight channel ambisonic surround composition mostly based on material from a number of installations done in recent years.

Lament for T



lament for t was a site-specific sound installation for the old and abandoned county jail in Bergen. The installation would be excperienced within the central corridor of the building as well as it’s galleries. It used 12 speakers surrounding the gallery at the 2nd floor to create an ambience augmenting the unsetling atmosphere of the building.

The Atmospherics III - Till it rains, I’m gonna stay inside



Bomuldsfabriken, Arendal, January 2015.

16 channels of sound and 5 HD video projections. As in the second installation, loudspeakers are arranged around the edges of the gallery space, on the floor and mounted on the wall just below ceiling height. With a greater ceiling height, and the overall dimensions of the room, this became the most spatialised version of the work so far.


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