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West coast soundscapes

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During spring 2012 I am a guest at the web site of Madstun with the project West coast soundscapes. I will be doing a series of field recordings at various locations in Sotra and Øygarden. The sound recordings will be posted to the Madstun blog with accompanying text and photos.

Lines converging at a distance



The Håkon’s Hall in Bergen is a remarkable building with a long history. The site-specific sound installation is a commission for the 750 year anniversary in 2011. The ambient spatial soundscape invites the audience to experience the hall at a slower pace, and possibly sit down and contemplate the qualities of the combined space and sound.

Exhibition on Sonic Interaction Design

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Sound can be one of the principal channels conveying information, meaning, and aesthetic/emotional qualities in interactive contexts. The twelve works in this exhibition showcase the use of Sonic Interaction Design within arts, music and design, and also provide examples of sonification for research and artistic purposes.

The exhibition was collocated with the permanent Music Technology exhibition at the Norwegian Museum of Science, Technology and Medicine in Oslo.

Borealis Extreme

Music . Other projects


What happens to a musician’s brain when under duress? For the Borealis Avgarde Extreme event Le Jury (Ricardo Odriozola, Einar Røttingen, Jostein Stalheim) improvised non-stop for 12 hours, during which the activity of their brains was monitored by researchers from Bergen University. The data was displayed to the public, as well as being used by electronic media artist Trond Lossius to create a live visual display.

LMW: Please Note After Image (2010)



Installation by LMW (Trond Lossius, Jon Arne Mogstad and Jeremy Welsh).

PLEASE NOTE AFTER IMAGE combines painting, video and sound and is part of the exhibition BGO1 at Bergen Art Museum.


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