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December 19, 2003
Today I received beta version of an upgrade to the Max external lp.stacey for the Litter Power Package a bundle of Max MSP (and in the near future probably Jitter as well) externals providing a number of stochastic functions. Peter Castine started developing Litter Power Package during a residency at BEK in 2001.

I’ve been doing a number of projects the last couple of years involving some kind of interactivity. One of the big challenges when using sensors or tracking information from video or audio is how to create a system that is able to tune itself and behave predictable from one day to the next. Sensors and analysis might depend on the physical equipment temperature humidity light sound levels etc. and all of these might fluctuate. lp.stacey provides statistical information about incoming data: min max mean value standard deviation and more. Earlier on lp.stacey provided statistical results for all data received since onset. A while ago I asked Peter if it would be possible to add a feature so that you could specify window size and get statistical information for e.g. the last 200 values received. Just in time for Christmas Peter mailed me beta version of lp.stacey with this ability added. I tried it today for scaling audio envelope tracking data and the result was beyond expectations. lp.stacey without doubt will become one of the most useful (maybe THE most useful) externals of the Litter Power Package.

I’d still like to see one more feature added: The ability of specifying a window/weight function. If Peter is Santa I guess I’m the greedy child that can never get enough…