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March 2, 2004

Jana has a hard time with the installation at Hamar. Every now and then the
Mac/MaxMSP freezes. I’ve never experienced this while develloping and I don’t
know what the reason might be. I was using slightly different equipment from
Jana a MOTU828 and a MISISport USB 4×4 MIDI interface instead of her Hammerfall
DSP serving as both audio and MIDI interface. I’ve been looking into the patch
but it’s pretty clean and simple tecnically speaking and unless it gets problem
with to much MIDI traffic I can’t find any problems.

I’ve been searching the Max mailing list archieve and seems like others have had a lot of problems with using Hammerfall DSP as a MIDI interface alongside audio and it might be that we’re into the same kind of problems. I’ve suggested that she
should get another MIDI interface so that the Hammerfall can be used for audio