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March 2, 2004

We got to Kristiansand by lunch time yesterday. The equipment shipped last
Friday had arrived already in good condition. The gallery space is a long and
narrow room approx. 65 × 10 meters with lots of windows. Carpets make the
acoustics a lot better than I feared. I’ve got 12 loudspeakers altogether and
I’m planning on making 3-4 “stations” in the room. The main one will
be at one of the ends with a total of 7 loudspeakers. They are already set
up encircling this part of the space. This is also were most of Jeremy’s videos
will be presented. Do the 7 loudspeakers create a room in the room? If so
is it decired or not?

Jon Arne Mogstad arrived in the evening with about 50 paintings. I’m looking
forward to see them today.

The poster for the installation states that this is to be an installation of
video paintings and digital images by Jeremy Welsh and Jon Arne Mogstad. I’m
not mentioned at all. Jeremy was surprised when he saw the poster and said
that they hadn’t included all of the text he sent for them. A few years ago
I would proberbly be a bit pissed of but I’ve seen this happening to many times
now to be bothered. Posters spam mails etc. are usual made in a hurry and
most people in particular organizers aren’t to concerned or worried about
getting all credits right. to them it’s more important to get an audience. Anyway
there’s no doubt that Jeremy and jon Arne has been contributing far more than
me to the total of the installation. This has been the one major project Jeremy
has been working on for the past 6 months.