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Sven Påhlsson triology

March 5, 2004

In the evening yesterday we went to Sørlandets
for the official opening of a new exhibition room Sal1. Sal1
is a huge white cube no windows and proberbly at least 5 meters to the roof.
The opening exhibition was the triology Consuming Pleasures by Sven
På hlsson
. The triology consists of three videos Crash Course
(2001) Sprawlville (2002) og Consuming Pleasures (2004) mainly
created using 3D animation. I found it very interesting. Erik Wøllos
music was working well but they would have benefited tremendously from getting
a better PA system and a graphical EQ. It’s proberbly not a good idea to emphasize
the low mid range to much in sound for gallery spaces those frequencies are
to sensitive to the aqoustics of the room and it’s a risk that it might sound
unintentionally muddy.

I’m not sure that I agree with the recent review
at What would the
impression be if these videos was presented at MTV instead of a gallery?