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March 10, 2004

The end of last week was crazy. I managed to finish of the sound
for the installation in Kristiansand in time but I was working to 3 o’clock
in the morning the last day before the opening. I’m pretty happy about the end
result. While developing it is easy to get narrow minded focusing on technical
and formal problems compositional material etc. Sunday I was hanging around
the gallery space for a few hours and got a feeling that I had also managed
to add something of a more personal quality to the soundscape. It’s very hard
to tell where it comes from and sort of reminds me of the John Lennon quote
" Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans".

Later in the day I traveled to Oslo to get to see the last
performance of Verdensteatret at
Black Box. The title of the piece is Konsert
for Grønland (Concert for Greenland) and the title was
decided in the evening the day before the opening. The performance came together
very much as I expected it to do the last time I was in Oslo 2 weeks before
the premiere. Still I was pleasantly surprised. There were more energy confidence
routine and maturity in the performance than I would have though possible for
a first performance.

We were hanging around at Black Box after the show taking a few beers and I also got to say hello to several friends. I met fellow kunststipendiat Per Roar Thorsnes and Asbjørn Flø. Asbjørn told me that he’d been doing a mix of Norge – et lydrike that is going to be broadcasted by at least 14 radio channels around Europe. Afterwards the Verdensteatret crew went dining at an Indian restaurant and
partied into the night.

Monday I woke up feeling completely exhausted. I got myself onto
a plane back home and Tuesday was spent doing as little as possible. Today
I was in at the Academy again attempting to work but my brain is completely
dead at the moment. I met Morten Eide Pedersen one of my supervisors but apart
from that I was unable to do anything productive and instead took an early
bus home and went to sleep.

By the coming Monday I need to write a revised project description
for the Kunststipendiat committee.
If I didn’t have to do that I’d probably take this week of.

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