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PixelACHE 2004

March 24, 2004

PixelACHE 2004 an annual festival of electronic art design and technology is about to start. The theme for this year is Audiovisual architecture experimenting with the border between the digital domain and the physical world. PixelACHE Festival 2004 goes on for 10 days starting in Stockholm and continuing in Helsinki. There are several interesting projects in the festival:

The Moment of Long Now is an alternative news tv channel. The channel is showing short snippets of news footage with a pace that is a hundred times slower than what we are used to. The project by Juha Huuskonen and Tuomas Toivonen is inspired by The Long Now Foundation.

Singing bridges is a sonic sculpture playing the cables of stay-cabled and suspension bridges as musical instruments. Australian sound artist Jodi Rose travels the world listening to the sound of bridge cables hearing in them an echo of the silent longings missed connections and forgotten dreams that slip away from our everyday lives.