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Mental walkabout

March 26, 2004
Today I’ve been doing a mental walkabout. The first part of the day was spent reading Jills blog and the blog of her HUIN105 course. Right now her students has to write a review of a blog as an obligatory assignment. From there I was sliding on to earlier weblog reviews that Jill was reffering to. This was a class assignment at Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. I realised that at the moment I don’t have a very concious attitude towards several of the questions raised. E.g. the layout used at the moment is the custom one that CoreBlog is providing. It’s corporate and a bit boring but I haven’t had the time to look into how to customize the design. What annoy me the most is that there’s not enough silence in this blog. And as for target audience I guess I’m writing more to myself than anybody else at the moment. I feel that the whole process of blogging still have to mature and develop and I don’t want to rush it. For that reason I haven’t done much to announce the blog to others so far.

Apart from that it strikes me that blogs and mailing lists aren’t linked to each others. You can reply to mails and you can do blog trackbacks but you can’t do blog replies or mail trackbacks. That’s strange as there’s so many similarities between bloging and being active on mailing lists. Also it seems to me that the obvious similarities in socializing on mailing lists and blogs are never mentioned when Jill &amp co are theorising on the subject.

I had lunch with Willem Sanders and a friend of him Erik (I can’t remember the last name) today. Willem was an Artist in Recidence at USF in Bergen last summer and now he’s back for a brief trip. First we went over to say hello to Maia and have another look/listening to Lydmur. Great work!

During lunch we were talking about all kind of things current art projects a short movie Erik is working on past projects Erik’s been doing (one of them involved polaroid photos and ended up as a E.P. with a wonderful cover) Willems Fijnkost project that is to be launched later this year (Willem wants me to join in and I have some ideas of what to contribute) blogging (in fact Willem was asking why I’m using such a lame layout at this blog) art life in Bergen vs. Amsterdam the meaning of life etc.

Willem also provided several interesting URLs for me. Fucking Good Art below is thanks to Erik and another very interesnting one is ubuweb. That turned out to be a really great resource for info on sound artists with lots of MP3s.

Then Laila my wife called me and asked if I would like a new cell phone for my upcoming birthday (on April 5th). Sure! It’s a Sony Ericson model and looks real nice. I’ll have to stay with NetCom for another year. That’s fine with me they have a much friendlier way of reminding me to pay my bills than Telenor.

In the afternoon I’ve been making a note on how to improve the sound studio at the Art Academy and spent some time downloading and reinstalling XFree86 and Fink. GIMP stopped working when I upgraded to OS 10.300 and I want to get that working again.

And I guess what I’ve really have been working on while doing all of this is unconcioussly planning the presentation for the stipendiatsamling at the comming Monday. And generally I’ve been enyoing fiddling around without having to produce something to be finished in the next few days. It’s the first time in a very long while and moments like this often ends up being the place were something new is born.

I’ve never been doing New Years resloutions apart from 2003.000 Back then I had a lot of pressure on me so my resolution was not to smoke more than 10 cigs a day. I’m a non-smoker so that was fairly easy to accomplish.

For next year I’m planning the resolutions to be:
- spend more time listening to music
- spend more time looking at the sky
- drink more red wine