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Commision for the Holber International Memorial Prize Seremony

December 4, 2004

The Holberg International Memorial Prize for outstanding scholarly work in the areas of arts and humanities social sciences law or theology 2004 was awarded to Professor Julia Kristeva Director of the Institute for the Study of Texts and Documents at the University of Paris VII. HRH Crown Prince Haakon presented the Holberg Prize for 2004 to the winner on 3 December 2004 in the Håkon’s Hall in Bergen.

For the seremony mezzo-soprano Agnethe Christensen and myself was commisioned to provide a musical performance based on “Ex te lux oritur – or – Carmen Gratulatorium” the oldest script of secular music preserved in Norway. " Carmen Gratulatorium" was written for the marriage of Norwegian King Eirik Magnusson and the Scotish princess Margaret Alexanderdatte celebrated at Håkon’s Hall in 1281.

The commision combined the acoustic sounds of voice bell and cantele with live electronic sound processing providing a sparse coloring of the soundscape. Duration: approx. 10 min.

Here’s an article on the seremony from the web based newspaper for the University of Bergen.