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Up the hill

February 4, 2005

The stuff I’m into at the moment feels like an endless spiral. Setting out to test out some ideas on additive synthesis I wanted to use FTM. Once I had gotten enough of an idea of what FTM is I started working on sound files in AudioSculpt. It turned out that analysis files are now exported from AudioSculpt in the SDIF format which I had to figure out what is and how to read.

The current Max externals for SDIF at the moment seems insufficient for what I want to do so I might have to write my own code using JavaScript in Max. There’s also an editor implemented in OpenMusic that I might have to look into. From before I didn’t know much about AudioSculpt and JavaScript and nothing about FTM SDIF or OM…

Yeah yeah yeah – up the hill backwards

It’ll be alright ooo-ooo