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SoundLab Channel - edition II

February 11, 2005

The net based sound piece …different from the one you are in now… today was announced as part of the ®®[F]2005—-&gt XP and ConcertHall at Le Musee di-visioniste SoundLab Channel. It’s also part of the physical events series in Palestine Israel and Germany entitled IMPACT ME’05 starting on 17 February at
CAVE Gallery at Bethlehem International Center/Palestine.

SoundLab Channel – edition II

ConcertHall at
Le Musee di-visioniste
is very proud to launch edition II of.
SoundLab Channel -
a joint-venture with
“Memory Channel 7” of this
global networking project by
by Agricola de Cologne media artist and
New Media curator from Cologne/Germany -
and part of the physical events series in Palestine Israel and Germany
entitled: IMPACT ME’05 starting on 17 February at
CAVE Gallery at Bethlehem International Center/Palestine
SoundLab Channel
a project environment which is focussing
on non-visual aspects of “collective memory”
manifested in soundart -
is happy to include on this occasion online
three (3) new curatorial contributions -
a) from Sofia/Bulgaria —>
Ivan Bachev curator and soundartist
is curating soundart works by these Bulgarian artists
b) from Montreal/Canada – a second curatorial contribution
by Tobias Van Veen
who is curating soundart works by
c) soundart works by individual artists
curated by Melody Parker Carter
based on an open call in Internet
—→ featuring
Benjamin B. Kinsley Peter Prautzsch
Caroline de Lannoy Serge Smilovich
eduardo paz carlson Marcello Mercado
Simon Longo Ludovic Guerry
Catherine Clover Lee Welch
Arie van Schutterhoef gregory chatonsky
Cezary OSTROWSKI nick barker and rob jacobs
Matt Rogalsky Nicholas Ruiz III
ricardo miranda zuñiga Hervé Constant
Trevor Thomas Oren Ben Yosef
Jennifer Helia DeFelice Miika Nyyssonen
Darko Vuckovic Cheryl HENG and WhooKiat HENG
Trond Lossius AGGTELEK
Abinadi Meza Future Remix
Beat Suter and René Bauer Colin Black
KPHB Helga’s Ephemeris
Maria Blondeel Le Tuan Hung
yosuke hayashi Jonathan Cardillo
Maral Yakshieva Alexander Kharkovsky
Les Riches Douaniers (((controller-band
Gildardo Cruz Rojas &amp Alfredo Ramírez Castruita
Igor Baskin HarS – Harold Schellinx
Jeanne Fremaux mutantlab.
d) a soundart feature
extracted from soundart programs of Internet radio stations:
this time again from Kunstradio (Vienna/Austria)
featuring radio and soundartists from Serbia
including Arsenije Jovanovic Gordan Paunovic Ivana Stefanovic
Aleksandar Vasiljevic Robert Klajn and others.
SoundLab Channel will be part of the interactive installation at
CAVE Gallery in Bethlehem both online and offline from DVD..
SoundLabChannel – edition I
includes 6 curatorial contributions by
Tobia Van Veen (Canada) John Kannenberg (USA)
Eva Sjuve (Norway) Juan Antonio Lleo (Spain)
Zoe Drayton (New Zealand) and
Melody Parker Carter (Germany) -
and a feature of Australian Radio &amp Soundart.
Both SoundLab Channel editions incorporate more than 100 artists
from 25 countries and more than 100 soundart works
and form a unique collection of non-visual art
related to the theme “memory and identity”
SoundLab Channel
can be accessed via
artistic body – Memory Channel 7
is part of
Flash 7 plug-in required
DSL Internet connection recommended.