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Analysis processing and synthesis tools

February 23, 2005

An article by Xavier Rodet on Sound analysis processing and synthesis tools for music research and production presents

a set of analysis processing and synthesis tools developed at Ircam and the efforts pursued to keep such programs alive through the years to develop new ones and to allow different
programs from a given institution or from various institutions to easily manage exchange and
maintain analysis and synthesis data. The analysis/synthesis (a/s) methods and programs which are
presented are signal models: Formant Wave-form (FOF) synthesis Resonance Modeling analysis
Spectral Envelope a/s Sinusoidal+Residual Additive a/s and Pitch Synchronous Overlap Add
(PSOLA) a/s. One of the key elements for easy usage success and perennity of all these programs
is the Sound Description Interchange Format (SDIF) invented and implemented in collaboration
with other institutions to allow programs to easily deal with and exchange a/s data. Finally
examples of musical applications and pieces produced with our programs are given.

The article seems to give a lot of useful background information conserning the various methods of analysis and synthesis discussed in the Analysis/Synthesis Comparison panel session at ICMC2000.

(Some previous blog entries on the same subject: SDIF FTM SDIF and FTM.)