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Touring again

April 27, 2005

This week me Frode Thorsen and Gitte Bastiansen is touring again. Monday to Friday we’ll be doing a total of 10 school concerts. The performance keep evolving from one day to the next. We’re not doing a lot of major changes it’s rather timing precision how vaious parts overlap start end and develop into something new. A lot of it is really about timing daring to keep stuff going for longer time spans before moving on.

I’m pretty busy duriong the show but from what I see of reactions and attention from the kids the performance seems to be very well received. It’s not as light-hearted playful and downright entertaining as Hacker was two years ago but I feel that it’s a lot better in terms of artistic content and density. It’s not an easy-going show and if we don’t do the performances well I imagine that the kidfs easily could loose attention and interest. That has not happened so far though.

Responces after the shows are very different from what we experienced two years ago. Basck then the older boys would tend to gather around me after the show to look at and talk about the laptop mixer cables etc. I also always got a lot of attention for the cool mouse. If they only knew that it was the cheapest one you could get in Norway at the time. The small girls typically would try to talk to Gitte.

This time they don’t seem to be able or willing to break the show down into pieces in the same way. Maybe they have grown more custom to techie stuff in the last two years or maybe the expression to a larger degree become an integrated whole.

When some of the pupils starts asking about what I’m doing the difference between sexes in terms of technical interest seems to have diminished somewhat. There are still more boys than girls asking about how I’m doing my stuff but it’s not as biased as it used to be. At some schools I’ve had a big crowd of girls asking.