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SAS did it again

May 2, 2005


F**king SAS did it again. This time they managed to bend the North flight case one of the most robust flight cases available in Norway resulting in another damage to the MOTU 828 card (right hand ear this time). As usual they try to completely avoid taking any kind of responsibility and of course there’s no “We’re sorry” or inquiry into how this might have happened and what they might have done to avoid it in the future.

I’ve been tranporting this kind of equipment for 8 SAS flights now. 3 times they’ve manage to cause damages. According to the clerk at the airport this happens in average once every 5th flight. How come the statistics for my equipment being damaged is 37.5% at the moment?.

They also managed to damage the bag Frode was using for his baggage. He didn’t even bother about complaining.