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May 13, 2005

This has been and still is a very busy week with little or no time for blogging. Monday evening Beta 2 took place including the “Kunsten å gå på vannet” interactive insttallation by Jana Winderen me and Jørgen Træen. Last weekend me and Jana took the oportunity to do some changes that we’ve been thinking of for a while.

Yesterday I was off to Oslo to work with Verdensteatret for 3 days. “Konsert for Grønland” is developing into an installation version as well.

Inbetween I finally finished off as first version of the output module for Jamoma. The input and output modules have been the most challenging ones to write (probably along with the first video modules but Tim did that one) and hard-nail test beds for the core implementation. We’re moving closer to the 0.200 release now.