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The output module

May 21, 2005


Above is a screen shot of the help file for the Jamoma audio input and output modules. They have been much more work to develop than any other custom modules I’ve been making for my own projects. But they’ve also functioned as very useful test beds for the core Jamoma arcitecture.

In terms of adding new features the Jamoma project is moving slowly so far. We’ve spend a lot of time on improving the fundamental part of it. We’re very thorough on this. Once this work is finished I know it will pay of in terms of a rapidly growing bank of modules for audio video and control data processing.

The potential is extremely promissing. A few days ago Tim added some examples on how easy it is to turn Jamoma modules into Pluggos.

I was browsing through the tech category of my blog earlier today. Jade was first mentioned on the blog late January 2004.000 Work on this topic no doubt is a common denominator for my work all the way through the fellowship period. In fact it started much earlier when I invited Tim to Norway to participate at a workshop during Ultima 2003 and to visit Bergen/BEK. One of the topics of that workshop was how to deal with complex data in real-time based sound installations. While at BEK he did a presentaion of Jade. I was very interested in this as I realised that it could be able to adress some of the major technical problems we were struggling with in the Verdensteatret productions at the time.