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Many-to-many mappings

June 14, 2005

In gesture controlled digital audio systems the term “mapping” refers to the relationship between the gesture/control data and the digital sound processes. The ability to choose and control this relationship makes digital instruments fundamentally different than acoustic or electric instruments.

Different types of mapping have been developed over the
years often using idiosyncratic methods. Recently mapping
methods have been the subject of formalization and discussed
in several papers 1-9. Generally mapping strategies are
separated in three different classes: one-to-one one-to-many
many-to-one. By combining these classes many-to-many
mappings can be built. Interestingly it has been recognized
that such complex mappings are more satisfactory after a
learning phase than one-to-one mappings 2.
Nevertheless there is still a lack of practical tools to
implement complex mappings in a relatively intuitive manner.
For this reason we are currently developing a series of
Max/MSP externals and abstractions the MnM toolbox based
on the free FTM library.

MnM: a Max/MSP mapping toolbox
F. Bevilacqua R. Müller &amp N. Schnell
Proceedings of NIME 05