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Teaching Sound Art

June 21, 2005

Teaching Sound Art: Philosophies and processes in teaching electronic and acoustic sound art

Invitation for teachers and others with teaching experience or
affiliations to submit a discussion on their approach to the art form
as teachers and artists. It is anticipated that the areas to discuss
will include: what the author values most in the art form their
personal journeys within the form influences on their creative
processes as both teachers and practitioners and other areas they
see as valuable to the discussion. The submissions should include
discussion of how these influences are transmitted through their
teaching practises at all levels of study.

This call is open to any and every field of sound art practise be
that electro-acoustic techno sound design (for film theatre and so
on) installations orchestral computer generated and any other
related area.

This is to be published as an ebook with hyperlinks cross-referencing
relevant ideas issues and areas.

Roger Alsop
Lecturer in Sound
School of Production
Victorian College of the Arts
Victoria Australia 3006