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October 7, 2005


Yesterday I had a session at the gallery space with my two supervisors Jeremy Welsh and Morten Eide Pedersen. I generally find it very fruitful to have supervisions after having completed new projects. That’s the stage where the most new thoughts ideas problems and questions are coming up in it’s useful to sort out and clarify thoughts through conversations. In addition thy can provide a different set of eyes ears and mindsets and thus point to issues that I’m blind to or not aware of myself.

Today I’ve had two sessions at the gallery space. In the morning I did a presentation to staff at KHIB. Most of the artistic staff at the art academy is out of town this week but I had some really fruitful discussions with Jack Lohman further elaborating on issues already brough up during the discussions with Jeremy and Morten.

Later in the day I was spending time documenting the installation and then conducting (literally as you can see…) a self presentation for the master students at KHIB.

Due to some strange twist of the weather this year the summer was on a Friday (today) so afterwards I ended up having the last outdoor beers of the season at Verftet.