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On the road again

February 5, 2006

The coming two weeks I’ll be touring with Frode Thorsen and Gitte Bastiansen again doing a total of 19 performances of Tracker at schools in the Hedmark region. This time we’re into more rural parts and will be driving quite a bit.

I’ve never had the time to make a web page for the project so here’s a brief description: Gitte is a dancer. We are using the Diem Digital Dance sensor system so that her movements can be tracked and used to control sound. Frode plays recorders and I process his sounds and add some additional spice to the souce. Tracker is a 25-30 min. non-stop performance and has turned from the literally based Hacker presented in 2003 via Cracker towards a more abstract and surreal performance.

We did rehearsals and further development Monday to Wednesday last week. I’ve also been working hard at doing enough of the port to OpenSoundControl compatibility for Jamoma in time to use it for this tour.

This time I did not dare to take the plane from Bergen to Oslo I’ve had enough of SAS damaging my equipment for a while. Also with the continuous fingerboard added to the list of equipment it’s getting much to heavy to transport by plane. Instead I took the afternoon train yesterday and had a really good work session on my way to Oslo.

While the winter has been generally really bad in Bergen with lots of rain and wind it’s proper winter here in Oslo. What a difference it makes. Maybe I’ll have to see if I can rent some skis while I’m away this time.

I expect internet access to be difficult over the next week so I might turn quiet on the blog and mail for a while.