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Jamoma 0.3.0 preview

February 23, 2006

There has been some hectic Jamoma development going on lately. Before the Tracker tour I was pushing the port to OSC in order to get far enough to be able to use the new structure during the tour. A lot of the modules coming with the distro still remained to be ported. I did some of that during the tour and the rest in the last four or five days. I’ve also finally figured out how to compile MaxMSP externals for Windows something that makes it a lot easier to do cross-platform external development in the future both for Jamoma and tl.objects.

Lately Alexander Refsum Jensenius has joined in as developer and he is currently developing patches for his research on musical gestures as part of Jamoma. So far he has added several video modules. There is porbably still a bit of work and testing to do before officially releasing version 0.3.0 but the development has progressed far enough that I figured it might make sense to upload a preview of the new version here.

I believe the current snapshot to be fairly stable and reliable. I was using it for all 19 concerts during the tour and had no problems with MaxMSP/Jamoma what so ever.

I’m pretty excited about recent development. Jamoma seems to become a little more elegant and usable all the time.