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February 26, 2006

There seems to be several similar initiatives to Jamoma happening at the moment. Alexander Refsum Jensenius wrote about UBC Max/MSP/Jitter Toolbox a few days ago reposted to the Jamoma blog by me. Yesterday I discovered another: Framework by Leafcutter John. Framework is aimed at effect processing of stereo audio signals. This is how he describes it:

I wanted to do a project where the many people could contribute to a big Max patch for treating audio. So I developed Framework a free to use / modify modular audio patch made in Max/MSP.

The framework part of the patch comprises 9 bpatcher objects connected in series. The user loads different kind of audio treatment modules into the bpatchers.

You play a stereo file into the framework using splay~~. Or you can use a mic input. If you want to do something different to this then please hack the patch!

He encourage others to make new modules and e-mail them to him for inclusin in future releases.