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Robert Worby: lectures at the art academy

March 20, 2006

Next week Robert Worby is visiting Bergen. He was here two years ago as well as part of the “Sound in focus” seminar doing a series of very interesting lectures on sound sound art and experimental music. Here are the topics for next weeks lectures. I am afraid that I might end up missing out on most of them as I will be participating in the Teatrix workshop hosted by BEK.

The Bergen Lectures 2006

1. Making Structures With Sound

How can we make sense of contemporary music and sound works? Is there an art of listening? What can we hear when we listen? A broad sweep through developments in Western music and sound art in the 20th century. Cultural shifts technologies sounds and structures including the rise of pop music improvised music and sound art.

2. The Legacy of John Cage and Experimental’Music

The great cultural emigration from Paris to New York in the 1950s gave rise to new ways of composing that made no reference to the musical traditions that were long established in Europe. This caused rifts between European and American composers that still continue today. The work of John Cage gave ‘permission’ to many composers performers and sound artists to make the work that they did. Who was this man what did he do and why was his work so important?

3. Electronic Music – Early Pioneers to The Present Day

Music and sound works from wax cylinders to laptop computers. Loudspeakers microphones and tape recorders. Synthesizers sequencers and software. The invention of sound recording completely changed the way that music is composed how it is performed and how it is consumed. An overview of sound and technology from Stockhausen and Shaeffer to the Aphex Twin and beyond.

4. Contemporary Music and Sound Art Now

Some music and sound art from 2000 – 2006.000 Including pieces by Robert Worby.