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Oil solves global warming

April 9, 2006

One week ago in Norway one of the world’s very richest countries
the Yes Men posed as investigative reporters at a journalism
conference and revealed their “discovery” that Norway far from being
enviro-friendly as everyone believes is probably the world’s largest
agent of climate change per capita. This is because (a) Norway is the
world’s third largest petroleum exporter and (b) Norway invests the
billions it makes from petroleum in a wide range of oil automobile
airplane shipping and defense companies via its massive “Petroleum
Fund.” (While Norway’s aid to Pakistan investments in ecological
measures and support of the Nobel Peace Prize are much better known
they are much smaller than its aid to Shell Chevron Exxon
Halliburton etc. via the Fund.)

The journalists were dumbfounded at the April Fools’ talk. When the
truth came out that the “investigators” were phony many of the
journalists did express surprise that the hypocrisy of a supposedly
“green” country being so heavily invested in oil pollution and war
had not received more attention.

(from a The Yes Men press release)