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April 21, 2006

According to jill “57% of online 12-19 year olds in the US have published their own creative work online according to a recent survey by Pew Internet. 19% of online teens remixed other people’s content and published their remix online. They remixed stuff. This is how the world works today. And we worry about plagiarism.”

I find this interestign in terms of creativity. When I was 12 punk was happening and the idea of DIY got me started making my own music in a band named muzak. If we could do it with two chords instead of three we used two and if we could do with one chord only even better (hey maybe that is where all the drones emerged from…).

My 10 year old son is using Paint to create one 64×64 pixel pokemon animation after the other commiting them to pokemon forums and getting comments and suggestions. He’s almost as addicted to the PC as i am. It’s fun watching.