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Exhibiting at Høstutstillingen

September 8, 2006

Høstutstillingen opens tomorrow. Contrary to my usual habit of working to the last minute our installation
(Staged bodies in collaboration with Karen Kipphoff) has been completed several days ago as there are press previews reviewing commities etc. needing to see the exhibition prior to the opening.

I have been very pleasently surprised by the working conditions we have got. In advance I expected the exhibition to be over-crowded leaving to little space for everything. Not so. Our installation is inside a separate 8×7 meter room built for the occation. The exhibition spaces at Kunstnernes hus are huge and impressing with very long reverbation. Our room initially had a strong acoustic coupling to the room outside but using molton for the roof and carpets on the floor we have been able to reduce reverbation acoustic coupling and sound/noise disturbance in and out of the room to a satisfying level.

I have completely redone the patches used for audio based on the testing I did at Hordaland kunstsenter in June this year. I am now using 2nd order ambisonic encoding and decoding over 8 speakers fitted along three of the four walls of the space. Encoding/decoding is done using the ambisonic objects developed at ICST as implemented in Jamoma modules. I tested using 1st 2nd and 3rd order encoding. For the number of speakers used 2nd order seemed to perform the best. I suppose that the order used is depending on the number of speakers in a way somewhat similar to how digital sampling works. A horisontal 1st order signal contains 3 encoded channels and requires 6 (twice as many) speakers to function properly. As far as I remember 2nd order horisontal encoding contains 6 channels and might need 12 speakers to function properly. But we are intentionally leaving a hole at the back and for the rest of the space 8 speakers seems to work satisfyingly.

I have not had the time to see all of the exhibition yet but there are quite a few works that has grabbed my attention. Kristoffer Myskja has an intriguing sound installation that was an instant hit during the press conference yesterday the colors in the video installaion by Michel Pavlou are amasing the same goes for the video by Christian Bermudez and I really enjoy the intelligent rythm in the video by Farhad Kalantary. The sculpture by Elin Drougge blends with the architecture in the most amazing way. There are good installations by Inga Søreide and Hedda Leivestad/Lotte Konow Lund not to mention the intervention outside the building by På l Vigeland. There are a lot of paintings pictures prints and photos in the exhibition. So far Esther Marie Bjørneboe Lars Erik Svensson Jan Skomakerstuen Niklas Mulari and Tommy Johansson are among the ones that have been grabbing my attention.

Yesterday I also managed to find time to pass by AVAB-CAD to look at fabrics to be used for the exhibition at Hordaland kunstsenter in November. The magic word of the day turned out to be “skinkelerret”.

In the eveing I attended the Norwegian premier of the dance performance “An unfinished story” coreographed by Per Roar sound by Jørgen Larsson. The performance forms part of his final evaluation for the research fellowship. It was a performance that is not easily forgotten and it will probably take a few days to digest.

Tonight it’s time for party party. But first I have to cure the video projectors of Alzheimer regarding settings…