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Day against DRM: Defective by Design

October 3, 2006

“If consumers even know there’s a DRM what it is and how it works we’ve already failed” – Disney Executive.

Today is the Day against
Digital Rights Management. Quoting:

Amazon’s new movie download service is called Unbox and it outlines what DRM implies. The user agreement requires that you allow Unbox DRM software to monitor your hard drive and to report activity to Amazon. These reports would thus include a list of: all the software installed all the music and video you have all your computer’s interaction with other devices. You will surrender your freedom to such an extent that you will only be able to regain control by removing the software. But if you do remove the software you will also remove all your movies along with it. You are restricted even geographically and you lose your movies if you ever move out of the USA. You of course have to agree that they can change these terms at any time. Microsoft’s newly upgraded Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11) user agreement has a similar set of terms.

Each time Big Media force you to upgrade your software they downgrade your rights. Every new DRM system will enforce a harsher control regime.