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November 22, 2006

A thorough and very positive review of CUBIC SECOND has just been published at

The installation A NIGHT IN SARDINIA by fellow musketeers Jeremy Welsh and Jon Arne Mogstad (with a minor sound contribution by yours truly) is mentioned briefly in another review covering B-Open last weekend. Unfortunately this is yet another gonzo-review. They seem to appear everywhere in Norway at the moment and are generally more concerned with whatever the reviewer is up to (this time he was looking for Guinness) than reflecting on the artistic works.

I know that the act of drinking beer with friends is the highest form of art. Is it also the highest form of art review? I am not so sure.


Update: Spam problems have forced me to temporarily disable comments while looking for a more elegant solution.

Leif Magne Tangen the author of the B-Open review have tried to comment on this post. As that did not work out he has instead posted his comment here at