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Wave field synthesis on Linux

December 21, 2006

AFAIR this is the first generally available software solution that I have seen for doing spatialisation using wave field synthesis: WONDER (Wave field synthesis of new dimensions of electronic music in realtime). WONDER is Linux.

“Learning Linux” is a hot candidate for a new years resolution and this was yet another argument. Early next year I am starting working at BEK again. In the later years support and encouragement of open-source software has been a major concern at BEK with the Piksel conference a big yearly event. All I want for Christmas is a MacBook Pro so that I could boot into OSX Win and Linux at the same computer. I belueve that would make it a lot easier to use all platforms interchangeable (although the only real reason for using Win would be occational use of Aurora). I know that in order to be able to work with a system on a day by day basis I have to be able to carry it around. I have had Demudi installed on a shuttle for some years now but that PC tends to end up staying at a different place than myself e.g. shelf high up on a gallery wall.