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Some audio software

December 28, 2006

Lately I have stumbled accross several software solutions for signal metering correction and more:

  • The Faber Electroacoustics Toolbox (FEaT) is a modularized multi-channel dynamic signal analyzer and data acquisition platform for the Mac.
  • Metric Halo SpectraFoo Standard is a collection of high resolution metering tools in both standalone and DAW Plug-In configurations. SpectraFoo includes basic sample-accurate metering triggerable waveform display power balancing and phase analysis.
  • Roger Nichols Digital has several plugins for metering and mastering.
  • (((acourate))) corrects for loudspeaker-room interaction anomalies in ways speaker designers cannot possibly anticipate. With extensive design and modification one can optimize a room to minimize effects on sound but generally at great expense. This means realistically one optimizes room-response and layout as far as aesthetics and practicality allow but the sound falls short of “acoustically correct.”
    (((acourate))) allows the user to ascertain the speaker in-room response and correct for the deviation incurred. Further the program can provide precise individual speaker driver-time-alignment and linearize driver and overall loudspeaker response and then provide compensating real-time correction filters for playback.
  • CDP Multi-Channel ToolKit is a collection of command-***line***
    tools (for Windows and OS X) for managing and playing multi-channel soundfiles.