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The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2007

January 22, 2007

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival is on next weekend with what seems to be a very interesting program. To the best of my knowledge this might be the first time that Eno use a true multispeaker setup (if he is going to do so) and not only multiple stereo players as he has been doing for the Quiet Club instalaltions.

January 26-28 2007
ODC Theater
San Francisco

The 2007 San Francisco Tape Music Festival returns to ODC Theater with three distinct programs of audio art over a pristine 16-speaker surround sound system. Seated in complete darkness experience new and classic compositions by local and international artists including a world premiere from rock innovator BRIAN ENO three classic pieces by GYÖRGY LIGETI a new multichannel realization of JAMES TENNEY’s seminal work “For Ann (rising)” and a rare performance of KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN’s epic multichannel work “HYMNEN”. Featured local composers include THOM BLUM JEN BOYD MARYCLARE BRZYTWA CLIFF CARUTHERS GEORGE CREMASCHI MATT INGALLS KENT JOLLY and MOE! STAIANO. These artists’ development of sound diffusion as a compositional technique creates an immersive sonic experience unique in the Bay Area. Come and enjoy this cutting edge art form at its best.

SF Classical Voice: “mind and ear expanding”
Computer Music Journal: “a rich and flowing sonic environment”
California Report: “crazy quilt collages of found sound”
SF Weekly: “strange and beautiful”
East Bay Express: “cinema for the ear”

$12 [$7 students/seniors/underemployed] each night
$24 [$14 students/seniors/underemployed] for festival pass
Box Office: 415-863-9834 [2pm-5pm Wed-Sat]
To purchase tickets online: query=schedule&amp venue=odctheater


Friday January 26th 8pm

György Ligeti (1923-2006)
‘Pièce Électronique no.3’ (1957) ‘Glissandi’ (1957) ‘Artikulation’ (1958)
James Tenney (1934-2006) ‘For Ann (rising)’ (1969)
[ new 16 channel realization ]
Jonty Harrison (UK) ‘Unsound Objects’ (1995)
Thom Blum (San Francisco) ‘Nomen Plaid’ (2003)
Matt Ingalls (Oakland) ‘Fingerlingette’ (2002)
Moe! Staiano (Oakland) ‘Tape Piece No.1: Collapse of Travel and Time’ (2006)
George Cremaschi (Oakland) ‘Our Blood Was Boiling’ (2006)
Jen Boyd (Oakland) ‘Rain Blossom’ (2006)
Suk-Jun Kim (South Korea) ‘Kotmun’ (2005)
Jason Rabb (Salt Lake City) ‘Hum Vamp (for Snap)’ (2004)

Saturday January 27th 8pm

Brian Eno (UK) World Premiere (2007)
Datach’i (Brooklyn) ’I’m Not Afraid to Watch You Die’ (2004)
MaryClare Brzytwa (Oakland) ‘karenv8’ (2006)
Cliff Caruthers (Oakland) ‘The House on the Hill’ (2007)
Kent Jolly (Berkeley) ‘Sleep Walker’ (2007)
Travis Ellrott (Los Angeles) ‘Studies Suite’ (2006)
Martin Bédard (Canada) ‘Topographie de la noirceur’ (2005)
Lisa Whistlecroft (UK) ‘Almost Nothing But (Butterflies and Clouds)’ (2006)
Maximilian Marcoll (Germany) ‘folgesätze #5’ (2002)
Sébastien Beranger (France) ‘Le Complexe de la Goutte d’eau’ (2006)
Martin Stig Andersen (Denmark) ‘Rabbit at the Airport’ (2006)
Pete Stollery (UK) ‘scènes rendez-vous’ (2006)

Sunday January 28th 8pm

Karlheinz Stockhausen (Germany) HYMNEN (1967)
( in 2 parts with intermission )

About Tape Music and SFTMF

In the early part of the 20th century when the idea of recorded sounds was still novel a new kind of music began to emerge. This music did not treat the recording medium as a stand-in for an absent performer or a document of a musical performance but as a vital and unique territory for exploration in and of itself. Tape music does not worship the technology with which it was produced or the medium in which it is contained. It is a sonic inquiry sculpting a new kind of music from the entire palette of sound.

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival began eight years ago in true underground fashion in a warehouse in Oakland. A small collective of composers wired the space with their own equipment to hear their favorite works in surround sound and experiment themselves with multichannel composition. Since then they have become one of the premiere presenters of fixed media music on the West Coast.

SFTMF would like the thank the following organizations for their generous support:
ODC TheatreWorks Goethe-Institut San Francisco
American Composers Forum San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (Subito)
The San Francisco Tape Music Collective and sfSound.