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Come to a crawl

January 29, 2007

Writing at the reflection for the fellowship discussing how technical issues might hamper the flow of the creative/rehearsal process in stage projects I did a quick googling on “come to a crawl” to see what would come up. I was “lucky” first hit was the following:

Projects that are rolling along with the creative speed of a freight train suddenly come to a crawl as they hit technological walls that were never imagined …

The full article discuss integration of technical development and technicians in development projects in the corporate world but the similarities to my own experience from an art context is striking and seems to suggest a similar break-down of strictly limited roles that I would advocate with the role of the artist-coder:

Had high-tech workers been involved from the start they could have been developing the necessary technology as the project grew instead of being seen as a choke point that brings the project to an utter standstill just at the time when everyone else wants to see it become reality. Organizing projects in this outdated fashion puts unfair pressure on high-tech workers and exposes them to anger and disdain when in reality the process is at fault and not their technological skills. They are simply suffering from an outdated process that ignores the last 20 years of technological advancements. (…) You must find ways to integrate high-tech workers into every project at the earliest possible moment. It is only by providing your insight and knowledge at this point that you can ever hope to provide the best technology solutions.