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Easter in Oslo

April 7, 2007

My method was to get into the office and work for twelve hours six days a week. Something would come out of it.


Morton Subotnick


When I entered the fellowship program I soon felt that developing and then pursuing a “3-year plan” was a meaningful way of working. I decided that I would avoid making immediate plans for artistic work after the end of the fellowship and spend the Easter 2007 thinking of where to go next making a new long term plan. Of course I failed to do so: Easter is spent in Oslo working with Verdensteatret on upcoming productions.

One of the tasks we have been working on is how to make a vibrating amplified string. The first approach was to start out with an electric guitar.




Is this how Eno did the sky saw guitar?




And we got some nice surfin waves for free:




An image from an improvisation today using megaphones that håkon brought back from Vietnam. We were testing dbap (distance based amplitude panning) for diffusion of sound and it worked remarkably well. Piotr is projecting onto some of the speakers.