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New studio

April 30, 2007

For some months now most of my equipment has been stuffed away at a small office at KHIB as I had to move out of the studio I had for the duration of the fellowship so that HC Gilje could move in.

I have finally found a new studio and at a cool location too. I knew that it would either have to be located close to BEK where I am now working or close to home. Else the chance of finding time to use it would become small.

The new studio is at CCB at Å gotnes a supply base for the offshore industry 10 minutes of biking from home depending on the wind. It is a fascinating industrial area one of the places keeping Norway running as a wealthy country. Having been there a few times it is striking how this part of society is seldom captured or dealt with in Norwegian contemporary art. It makes me wonder to what extent these parts of contemporary Norwegian history in the making are captured by anyone at all.