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June 17, 2008

Earlier this month I attended NIME. We presented a poster on Jamoma at NIME:

Place T. T. Lossius A. R. Jensenius N. Peters &amp P. Baltazar (2008): Addressing Classes by Differentiating Values and Properties in OSC. In Proceeding of the New Instruments for Musical Expression Conference NIME 2008.000 Genova 2008.

On the last day of NIME we also did a workshop providing an introduction to Jamoma. We received enthusiastic response from the 25 participants. The workshop was based on Max 4.6.3 and Jamoma 0.4.5 and I have to admit that I look forward to having Jamoma running in Max 5 in particular because jcom.ui will be hard-coded as an external improving load time and removing quite a few idiosyncratic and hackish worksaround of the bpatcher gui we’ve been depending on in the past.

Alexander has posted som pics from the workshop here.