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Vinyl at Lydgalleriet

September 10, 2009


I visitied the Vinyl exhibition at Lydgalleriet today, featuring works by Christian Marclay, Flo Kaufmann, Janek Schaefer, Doug Pray and Otomo Yoshihide.

It’s well worth spending time there. I particularly liked the work Covers by Janek Schaefer and the Scratch doumentary on DJ culture by Doug Pray

I have seen a work by Christian Marclay some years ago at Centre Pompidou, made up from CDs distributed on the floor. Back then I didn’t particularly fancy it. But the spread of LPs on the floor at Lydgalleriet gave me the same feeling I got as a kid when I looked at old 78s, a mythic nostalgia for record labels once treasured, now gone.

Photo by svennesvenn, licensed under a Creative Commons license.