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ICST ambisonics tools v.2.0 beta 6

November 1, 2009


A new beta version of the ICST
ambisonics tools is available for download on the ICST website

Some highlights are:

  • Furse-Malham or N3D encoding/decoding
  • Up to eighth degree in N3D (the corresponding b-format has 81
  • Unified messages and attributes for ambiencode~, ambidecode~ and ambipanning~ externals
  • Four different coordinate systems in spherical or cartesian definitions are supported (see also
  • New distance attenuation algorithms, including none
  • Correct b-format orientation
  • Ported fully to the Max5 SDK (5.0.8+ required)

The support for various coordinate systems seems to be a follow up to discussions we did at s spatialisation workshop at GMEA in Albi in January, as well as the paper presented at SMC2009, available here. I am currently checking them out so that we can get the new beta release incorporated into the master branch of Jamoma.

The documentation for the objects is excellent. One minor detail has caught my interest: The orange color used in some of the help patches. I am sure that I have seen that color somewhere before…

Update: Jasch reports back that there’s no relationship to M4L.