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Final Cut and SoundTrack

December 9, 2009

Earlier this fall I invested in the latest version of Final Cut. I mainly do video editing when working on documentation of projects, and I’m currently working on documentation of the sound installation I did at Fjell Festning a little more than a year ago.

The possibilities for exchange of projects back and forth between Final Cut and SoundTrack (or Logic) are truly great, but come with a few gotchas.

Having captured the video documentation, I started out organizing similar shots into groups, and then decided what to use for most of them in separate sequences. Afterwards I composed the main flow of the documentation video by organizing these nested sequences in the main sequence, and deciding where to start and end each of the sequences.

So far so good. Only afterward I discovered that the sound and video of nested sequences is not exported to Sound Track. The video part I can circumvent by rendering the video, but I don’t find any way of gtetting the audio across.

For this project it is not to much of a deal, as I am going to scrap most of the audio anyway, instead using separate audio recordings done at the space.

But for the future it’s worth remembering. And I don’t manage to find a way to unnest the sequences.

That is where I realized how spoiled I am in Max with the ability to encapsulate and de-encasulate of subpatches.